Break Free from your Braces Faster


Braces can really put a dent in a person’s confidence, and with most people needing to wear them anywhere between 12 to 24 months, the time it takes to perfect a smile can sometimes feel like an eternity!

But there’s good news. Patients no longer have to wear their braces as long thanks to AcceleDent Aura – technology that uses gentle vibrations to move teeth faster.

It has been proven to accelerate orthodontic treatment by 25 to 50 per cent. Patients with braces only have to bite down on a tiny device for 20 minutes each day.

How it Works

Periodontal ligaments surround teeth and hold them to the bones in a person’s mouth. Braces apply pressure to teeth, causing ligaments to stretch on one side and compress on the other. On the side of the tooth where ligaments stretch, new bone forms and on the opposite side, the bone resorbs. This process has to be done gradually, as applying too much pressure can restrict blood flow.

AcceleDent fits over a person’s braces and sends out micro vibrations that help bone cells mobilize around roots, causing changes in the bone that allow teeth to move through it.

Researchers have studied the impact of vibrations on bone healing for several decades. Their studies reveal that vibrations can help fractures heal faster and increase bone density at a quicker rate.

AcceleDent is gentle and pain-free. In fact, chewing requires 5,000g of force, but this technology only uses 25g. Patients have been using AcceleDent since 2009 and the treatment is FDA approved.

Moving teeth faster has two major benefits. First, patients don’t have to wear braces as long. Second, shorter orthodontic treatment times reduce the risk of issues like gingival recession. Some patients even claim using AcceleDent increases their overall comfort during treatment.

Hygiene Key

In addition to new technologies, patients can speed up their orthodontic treatment by brushing, flossing and rinsing regularly. Poor oral hygiene can increase the length of a person’s treatment by causing plaque buildup around brackets that leads to gingivitis.

Patients with severe gum infections sometimes need to have their braces removed. This can prolong treatment and even impact the outcome of treatment.

It is also important for patients to watch what they eat. Sticky and crunchy foods like gummy worms, caramel, popcorn and chips should be avoided as they can damage braces.

So if you’re not a fan of your metal mouth, accelerate your treatment with AcceleDent and follow proper hygiene practices. Your braces will be off in no time!