Dr. Strelzow’s Life in the Fast Lane

Anthony Strelzow Peking Paris OrthoArts 

Dr. Strelzow has practiced orthodontics for more than 30 years, but he’s been racing vintage cars for even longer.

When he’s not working with patients at OrthoArts or researching the latest orthodontic technology, Dr. Strelzow can be found behind the wheel of a car or in his garage restoring his latest treasure.

Dr. Strelzow and his wife, Lee-Ann, grew up around cars. They belong to the Sports Car Club of British Columbia and the Vintage Racing Club of BC and have motorsport competition/racing licenses in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

They have participated in countless races and car shows for fun and charity. In 2013 they even drove from Beijing to Paris in a vintage Bentley to raise money for Spring for Kids, a cleft palate and craniofacial charity at BC Children’s Hospital and Smile Train, an organization that provides clef surgery to children around the globe.

Peking to Paris – the name of the rally – was modeled after the original 1907 race with the same name that saw 11 men drive around 13,000 kilometres.

Dr. Strelzow and Lee-Ann didn’t take the exact same route, but their journey brought them through 10 countries and some of the most difficult terrain over a period of 33 days.

Out of the 100 teams that started the rally, 25 dropped out by the time they crossed the border from China to Mongolia. The husband/wife team, however, placed first in their class and fourth overall.

Dr. Strelzow and Lee-Ann have also competed in the Carrera Panamericana and a three-day road race in Chihuahua, Mexico.

So the next time you’re at OrthoArts, ask Dr. Strelzow about his next adventure or latest car project. It might take your mind off your braces.