Make a List and Check it Twice — Some Foods are on the Naughty List; Others are on the Nice

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It might only be the beginning of Winter, but Starbucks has already rolled out its line of Christmas drinks and other stores aren’t far behind. That means red cups, Christmas treats and sugary coffee beverages from now until the 25th!

Or does it? If you have braces, you might be wondering, “Can I have any of these festive treats?”

It’s okay to indulge once and a while, but not at the expense of your braces. While some holiday foods are safe to enjoy, others are definitely on the naughty list.

Eating with Braces Christmas

Hard, chewy and sticky foods do the most damage to braces because they get stuck in and break wires and brackets. Repairs can be expensive and lengthen a patient’s treatment. Not to mention the fact that broken braces are also painful.

As for the sweet drinks that come along with the holiday season, it’s best to keep these to a minimum. Coffee and tea can stain teeth and braces. Sodas and juices are also tempting at parties, but both are high in sugar and contribute to tooth decay.

Thankfully, the main foods enjoyed during the holidays are soft in texture – think mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy – so people with braces have nothing to fear.

While sweets like cheesecake and ice cream are safe to eat, don’t forget to brush and floss regularly. No one wants a cavity for Christmas!